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Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.

-Frank Gehry

Top Ten Trends Influencing Homes

Architecture and Designing of Home is an in-depth and a long-term process and is a factor that is not subject to quick changes and evolution. The emergence of new trends happens only when there is a strong shift in the overall economy and the environmental requirement. The emergence of new technologies and luxurious utilities also form a major reason for the evolution of trends in architecture.

Though there are a lot of major and minor factors that will influence the trends that make up new artistic homes. The top 10 among them are:

  • More Sturdy & Environment Friendly homes:

    The increasing importance that is given to environment and the climate change issues are demanding professionals and people to turn the natural way. Maximum utilization of minimum resources to build durable homes is the recent trend. This saves natural resources and also reduces cost and refurbishing costs to a great extent.

  • Luxury Replicas:

    It is an undoubted factor that most of the homebuilders love to have more luxurious and finest products, but the main hurdle that they have to overcome is their budget. But thanks to the replica products that give the same look and feel of the original high-priced products at a reasonable price with a decent quality as well.

  • Environment & Water Friendly

    The climatic and environmental changes have affected the way of living to a great extent, which people have started to realize and are taking serious actions to overcome the different types of pollutions and scarcity. With water becoming the scarcest resource of all, both commercial and residential buildings are constructed with an eye towards water preservation. Rain water harvesting, usage of rainwater for roof top gardens and the liquid water wastes from the kitchens are directed towards gardens. This way water consumption is reduced by 30% and this leads to rise in underground water levels too.

  • New manufacturing technologies:

    With the advancement in technologies and manufacturing processes, the right of choice has widened and we are presented with a huge array of prefabricated materials that prove to be a wonderful alternative to customized building materials that were on the highly priced shelves. This improvisation includes in most of the materials ranging from lights, switches, interior decoration materials, etc.

  • Tradition Reclaimed:

    There are a few who still stand by the tradition and love only those wooden flooring, in spite of the numerous alternative options available. They are ready to spend a few extra dollars to stick on to the traditional form of architecture. Also the reusable feature of wood makes it adaptable to the conventional as well as modern types of architecture too.

  • Mild Look With Modernity:

    Nowadays the perspective that individuals have towards modernity keeps changing. People don’t desire that heavy designs that are hard to maintain, instead they look out for simple and crisp designing with modernity induced into them. Veneers and other simple handcrafted items are on the look out by new homeowners.

  • Home on Wheels:

    People are always on look out to experiment new changes and developments, so is the case with these home on wheels concept. These are apt choices for people who love to stay in a small space yet with all amenities. Going forward there are all possibilities that tourists will prefer home on wheels to have a more adventurous holiday.

  • Smooth Incorporation of Indoors and Outdoors:

    Homeowners are not only particular about the indoor facilities but are also keen on making their outdoor living space more utilizable. Making the outdoor space beautiful and more in sink with the indoors is the trend nowadays. Landscape designing has become a major attraction now.

  • The Coloring:

    The color palette that is used in the creation of the house is what gives the overall look and is the basic factor that enhances and explains the house so well. Now the color trend is more inclined towards soft, layered colors with a more personalized touch that decreases stress and anxiety.

  • Room for entertainment:

    Entertainment plays an inseparable part in the lives of people and recently homebuilders have started to plan space for entertainment both indoors and outdoors. According to the budget the room for entertainment gets designed. A back kitchen, a barbeque party space in the garden and many more designs have given a new outlook to the architectural planning of the house.

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